The Silver Arrow Group is a market leader in bespoke property development, high-yield property investments and the sale of electronic goods and services from self-service machines. Formed in 2008 in Poole, Dorset the Silver Arrow Group and its team have experience that has allowed us to become market leaders in every field in which we operate. All of the businesses within the group work under the same basis of integrity and the SA Group works in partnership with a number of well-known industry names to provide a streamlined, customer-focused service.

Offering unique and individual Investment opportunities throughout the UK. High interest paid on capital invested with guaranteed security. A fast and dynamic business offering high interest in a time which banks and building societies cannot offer.

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Silver Arrow Systems plans to be the owner and operator of the UK’s largest self-service, customer facing, insurance kiosk network. Primarily located at international travel hubs, our platform will enable the 1 in 4 international travellers that currently do not carry cover, the option to purchase last second insurance. In the UK the Travel Insurance Market is valued at £742 Million and the globally at $13.1 Billion. Silver Arrow Systems works with a number of the UK’s largest insurers and airports.

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Looking for and developing unique pieces of land. Silver Arrow Bespoke can offer inflated purchase prices for pieces of land that most would feel have no or very little potential giving the homeowner more money for their house or land. With local expertise in the planning & construction industry you will be looked after and kept regularly updated from start to finish.

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Taking away from you the giant task of maintaining your property. Whether in residence or away from home, Silver Arrow offer a comprehensive service which can be tailored to your requirements. These include security watches, exterior and interior decoration, window cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, cleaning, laundry service, chauffeurs, restaurant reservations, catering, hotels, even driving lessons and tennis coaching.

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