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Silver Arrow Investments offers secure, property based investments for those who wish to capitalise on the lucrative northern buy-to-let market. Last year Silver Arrow Investments returned to its clients an average of 16.65% on investment. Silver Arrow Investments is in a position to purchase properties significantly below their real market value. This along with strong ‘price to rental’ income ratios enables us to generate very impressive returns from a secure asset.

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Silver Arrow Bespoke is a truly bespoke build property company based in Canford Cliffs. It has a history of building tailored properties across a number of locations in Dorset and Surrey. Our team has a proven ability to obtain planning permissions in sensitive areas for alterations, the division of plots or new developments. We can help you to realise the true value of your land. If you believe that you have a suitable plot, we would be very interested in talking with you.

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Silver Arrow Management can relieve of the task of maintaining your property. Whether in residence or away from home, Silver Arrow offers a comprehensive service, which can be tailored to your personal requirements. This can include; security services, exterior and interior decoration, window and interior cleaning, gardening and landscaping, pool maintenance, laundry services, chauffeuring, restaurant reservations, catering, hotel booking, even driving lessons and tennis coaching.

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Silver Arrow XChange will be the first high-street bureau de change that specialises in the buying back of all denominations of foreign currency from a returning traveller. XChange has commissioned the build of unique machines that allow a customer to deposit any sum of foreign cash (coins and notes) in all denominations, quickly and easily. In return they receive a card credit, sterling or can elect to make a charitable donation. The machine platform can be integrated with existing ticketing services. You will no longer need to have a jar full of illiquid foreign currency at home, a collective amount estimated to be £2.3 Billion across the UK.

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